Colors Notebook Project / Fabrica: les yeux ouverts / Madrid 2006
Mixed Media on blank COLORS magazine
45 pages - size: 23x 28,5 cm. – Madrid 2007

Intervention on three blank COLORS magazine made in collaboration with Confusion Group: Eduardo Bertone, Rafael Bertone, Baltazar Rodes, and text by: Nuria Gil, Simón Rodes and Lina Nadal.

COLORS Notebook Project / It part of an art group itinerant exhibition:
+ MAK Museum of Wien, exhibition "For the People, From the People" 16/06 to 16/8/2009.
+ Fabrica Features space in Lisbon / Lisboa 2009
+ TYPOberlin 13th International Conference Berlin 2008
+ Shiodomeitalia Cerative Center Tokyo 18/01 to 2/03/2008
+ Shanghai Art Museum Shanghai 09/2007
+ Triennale di Milano Milan 15/07/2007
+ Centre Pompidou Paris 06/10/2006

For the people, from the people from Fabrica on Vimeo.The exhibition "Fabrica. For the people, from the people" opened at the MAK DESIGN SPACE, Vienna.

Colors Notebook from Fabrica on Vimeo.Documentary

Directed by Alex Healey

Fabrica 2006

Fabrica Features in Bologna from Fabrica on Vimeo.