Date : marzo 13, 2007

COLORS NOTEBOOK PROJECT: Fabrica: les yeux ouverts / Mixed Media 45 pages x 3 – size: 23x 28,5 cm. Madrid 2007 / Intervention on three blank COLORS magazine made in collaboration with CONFUSION group: Nuria Gil, Eduardo Bertone, Martín Bochicchio, Baltazar Rodes, Simon Rodes, Lina Nadal and me.

COLORS Notebook Project / It part of an art group itinerant exhibition:
MAK Museum of Wien, exhibition “For the People, From the People” 16/06 to 16/8/2009.
Fabrica Features space in Lisbon / Lisboa 2009
TYPOberlin 13th International Conference Berlin 2008
+ Shiodomeitalia Cerative Center Tokyo 18/01 to 2/03/2008
Shanghai Art Museum Shanghai 09/2007
Triennale di Milano Milan 15/07/2007
Centre Pompidou Paris 06/10/2006

+ VIDEO VIOLENCE / FACES Fabrica Features in Bologna /  Birkhauser / Edited by  Fabrica Spa

+ VIDEO NOTEBOOK  Fabrica: les yeux ouverts